Carbo Africa is a collaboration between different professionals concerned with climate change in Africa. We use this blog to publish our points of view. Climate change is alive and kicking, especially in Africa. We are scientists, climate organizations, governmental agencies en other organizations.

Although Africa is not the biggest contributor to climate change on a global level, it is one of the most important continent being effected by climate change. Africa knows extreme droughts, flooding and emerging deserts. Harvests are being destroyed, famines occur and animals go extinct. These are all directly linked to a changing world and a changing climate.

We need to take action, but how? We notice a lack of expertise and knowledge within African governments and societies. People don’t know what is happening. But most importantly: A large part of African population doesn’t realize that small changes in their personal life might have an important effect on their local environment.

We want to contribute to a change in Africa. Africa can survive climate change. Africa can actually be progressive in this matter on a global level.

Read our blogs and spread the word.